Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sales


In-store sales:

  1. All products are handed over to customers in good condition. We take all possible care the order has been fulfilled correctly, including but not limited to type of cake/product, size or dimensions, special wordings or instructions. Customers are to verify cake/product is in good condition, order is correct before leaving the sales counter.
  2. All fresh cakes/products not picked up on the appointed date and time (store opening hours) will be disposed of in a manner we deem fit. For orders not paid we will proceed to charge the credit card. For paid orders there shall be no refund. There shall be no demand for the product on a future date.



  1. We honour our vouchers in all our outlets stated, till and including the expiry date.
  2. We are not able to honour expired vouchers. No exceptions.
  3. We are not able to accept vouchers for online orders.



  1. All products are handed over to customers in good condition, and all special instructions followed. Customers are to verify these are true and sign on the order chit copy.
  2. We are not able to attend to complaints after we have left the premises.
  3. We are not able to do "surprise" deliveries where the recipients are unaware. Every unsuccessful attempt attracts a separate delivery fee on the same day, and an additional cake price if on a different days.